Highly Sensitive (HSP)

As a highly sensitive therapist, I relate well with others who also identify as highly sensitive

 (a unique trait identified in 15-20% of our population).

Do you…

Need more time to thoughtfully reflect, deeply process,

 and make meaning of  your experiences and interactions?

Notice slight changes in other people and the environment that others don’t notice?

Feel in tune with others’ emotional cues, 

allowing you to process things deeply and feel empathy?

Often feel misunderstood?

Feel sensitive to criticism?

Need to over-prepare?


Feel  over-stimulated in moderately stimulating environments? 

This includes clicking, tapping, snoring) bright lights, certain textures, certain smells and tastes?

Crave quiet time to recharge?

Take the Quiz: Are You Highly Sensitive?

If you scored high on the quiz, you may have this trait (as researched by Dr. Elaine Aron).

The the good news is that this this is a trait (much like having blue eyes).  This is NOT a DEFECT or WEAKNESS (although others may have seen it this way).   YOU ARE NOT BROKEN, you are a gift.  This trait comes with many benefits, the world needs  people like you who are deeply sensing and who can see things from a perspective that many others cannot. You have value and purpose.  If this is you.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  There are others like you!  

Processing experiences more intensely can lead to symptoms of anxiety and/or depression in ways not experienced by those without the sensitivity trait. This can lead to feelings of being misunderstood, judged, or disconnected from others who don't identify as highly sensitive. 

Leaning how to nurture and support this trait has helped me tremendously in my personal and professional life. 

I am happy to help those who have this trait learn more about it and how they to live purposeful, healthy lives