Spiritual Beliefs

What do you believe? Does it matter?

The physical, emotional/psychological, and spiritual aspects of you do not act in isolation of each other. While you may have found ways to detach from certain aspects, they are still part of you. So much has been researched and documented in the field of psychology about the  correlation between spirituality and mental and emotional well-being.

What do you believe about your spirituality or God?  What you believe gives life meaning and your purpose in life influences how you feel physically, emotionally, and psychologically.  Your beliefs also influence your capacity to cope and find hope and meaning. While there are many worldviews within the field of psychology, my theoretical approach to spirituality is informed by the Christian worldview.  


While I will not push my personal beliefs on you and we will work on the areas you choose, it's important to me that I am transparent about my worldview because it influences my approach to counselling, as it will with all counsellors.  I share this so you are able to find a therapist that feels most fitting for you. 

I believe all people are worthy of love and respect regardless of circumstances or beliefs.